Driving Simulator

We now offer additional training on an Advanced Driving Simulator for both automatic and manual transitions. The simulator is located in our office and is for first time drivers that may not feel ready for the road right away, drivers who want more of an idea how to handle dangerous situations, or have some nerves about driving.

This will help prepare you for various driving aspects such as:

Intro to a vehicle & controls

  • Starting & stopping
  • Maneuvering at slow speeds
  • Steering
  • Accelerating, breaking & stopping
  • Speed control

Intro to roads

  • Intro to traffic
  • Mirror & blind spot checks
  • Merging

Highway driving

  • Entering & Exiting Highways
  • Lane changing

City driving

  • Controlled & uncontrolled intersections
  • Traffic circles

Country driving

  • Narrow lanes & oncoming traffic
  • Being passed & passing

Braking & safety distances

  • Braking on a STOP signal
  • Breaking on wet & icy roads
  • Braking to avoid a hazard
  • Keeping a safe following distance
  • Accident scenarios

Risk awareness

  • Predicting behaviour
  • Proper driving attitude/ Edict
  • Dividing & focusing attention
  • Defensive driving

Night driving & proper headlight use

  • Oncoming traffic
  • Being passed & passing
  • Unexpected hazards
  • Pulling over

Customizable practice driving

  • Customizable:
    • Weather
    • Time of day
    • Type of vehicle/tires
    • Traffic
    • Area type

Call in for more information regarding the simulator!